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Unterwegs gegen Krebs e.V.

KGG supports “Unterwegs gegen Krebs e.V."

The triathlete Andy Wolpert took part in the "Swissman" in aid of the association "Unterwegs gegen Krebs e.V.", an association in the fight against cancer.

He sensationally won the competition and was able to pass on the maximum value of the donation pledges to the organization. We congratulate Andy Wolpert on this success and his commitment to the organization. More information:

Solidarität Mnero e.V.

We have been supporting the “Solidarität Mnero e.V.” association for several years.

For several years we have been supporting the association "Solidarity Mnero e.V.", which was founded by former development workers and has set itself the task of improving the living conditions of the people in Mnero / Tanzania in the areas of health, education and ecology. Further information on the association "Solidarity Mnero e.V." can be found at

FC Maihingen 1946 e.V.

D-Juniors (girls) of FC Maihingen

With the KGG logo on their chest, the D-Juniors of FC Maihingen sensationally won the championship title. We congratulate you and wish you all the best for the coming seasons.