Swinging doors

Single-leaf and double-leaf

Size and sturdiness are at the centre of our swinging door. Specially developed door hinges bear the enormous weight even after the tested 50,000 opening cycles for the single-leaf model or 10,000 opening cycles for the double-leaf model.


ModelRough wall openingArea
 Width min to max (mm)Height min to max (mm)Max. door panel area m²
EI230-C3Sa1020 - 48652140 - 512017,35
EI260-C3Sa1020 - 47802140 - 462017,35
EI290-C3Sa1020 - 41152140 - 462017,35
EI2120-C3Sa1020 - 39302140 - 288010,45
 Special sizes upon request  
EI230-C2Sa1940-50902140 - 512017,35
EI260-C2Sa1940-48652140 - 462017,35
EI290-C2Sa1940-48652140 - 462017,35
EI2120-C2Sa1940-39302140 - 288010,45
 Special sizes upon request  

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  • Particualrly sturdy design, specially developed hinges
  • Installation of wicket door, glass inserts, etc. are possible
  • Modular design enables installation in a very confined area

Final coating

All doors are delivered with a finished surface.
The high-quality powder-coating is available ex works in all RAL colours. Painting at the construction site is not necessary